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inspection behaviour course

inspection behaviour course

As regulatory inspections are performed and hosted by individuals, the behaviour of personnel in this stressful environment can have a significant influence on the
outcome of the inspection and the future relationship with the Regulatory Authority.
The soft skills of managing an inspection are common to all inspections (office based / facility based) and can dramatically improve the inspection outcome when used well.

The Inspection Behaviour Course is designed to help company personnel understand the inspection process, identify and eliminate any poor practices and optimise the performance of individuals in representing the organisation being inspected.
Essentially the course de-mystifies the inspection process and prepares company personnel for an inspection from the non-technical perspective.
The course has been designed by experienced regulatory inspectors to provide companies with the appropriate skills to effectively cope with and succeed in regulatory inspections.

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Registration is not currently available. However, if you have any specific questions on the subject matter or would be interested in looking at the option of running this course in-house for your team, please contact us at training@gxp.ie